HP RENEW 14inch Grey Tote

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HP RENEW 14inch Grey Tote

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HP RENEW 14inch Grey Tote

Описание :

HP Renew Tote - Notebook carrying case - 14" - for HP 14, 14s; Chromebook 11a, 14a; Chromebook x360 12b, 14a, 14b 14c; ENVY 13; ENVY x360 13; Pavilion 13, 14; Pavilion x360 14; Spectre x360 13, 14; Stream 14

Гаранция на производител :

12 Months Bring-In Warranty


Product Type:

Notebook carrying case

Product Material:



35 cm


31 cm


9 cm


490 g

Shipping Dimensions (WxDxH) / Weight:

540 g

Notebook Compatibility:


Additional Compartments:

Mobile phone, tickets


Water resistant, 3 internal pockets

 Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support:

Limited warranty - 1 year

 Compatibility Information

Designed For:

HP 14-cf2009nf, 14-cf2507na, 14-cf2518na, 14-dg0001tu, 14-dk0020nr, 14-dq1088wm, 14-dq1089wm, 14-fq0030nr, 14-fq0050ca, 14-fq0080nr, 14s-dq0008no, 14s-dq0008np, 14s-dq0045nf, 14s-dq0210nd, 14s-dq0592nd, 14s-dq2033nf, 14s-dq2033no, 14s-dq2500nd, 14s-dq3002no, 14s-dq3101nz, 14s-dq3103nz, 14s-dq3208nz, 14s-fq0001nl, 14s-fq0012no, 14s-fq0026no, 14s-fq0029nl, 14s-fq0030au, 14s-fq0044nl, 14s-fq0102nf, 14s-fq0122nf, 14s-fq0509na, 14s-fq0701nd, 14s-fq1003no, 14s-fq1004no, 14s-fq1006no, 14s-fq1007no, 14s-fq1008no, 14s-fq1009no, 14s-fq1072ng, 14s-fq1073ng, 14s-fq1077ng, 14s-fq1152ng, 14s-fq1153ng, 14s-fq1154ng, 14s-fq1210nd, 14s-fq1220nd, 14s-fq1505nd, 14s-fq1704nd, 14s-fq1705nd, 14s-fq1706nd
HP Chromebook 11a-na0502na, 14a-na0003ns, 14a-na0225ng, 14a-na0504na, 14a-na0710nd, 14a-na0720nd, 14b-na0005sa, 14b-na0214ng, 14b-na0255ng, 14b-na0256ng, 14b-na0700nd, 14b-na0730nd
HP Chromebook x360 12b-ca0001ns, 12b-ca0011nf, 14a-ca0396nz, 14b-ca0001ns, 14b-ca0008nf, 14b-cb0500nz, 14c-ca0235ng, 14c-ca0510na, 14c-cc0001nd, 14c-cc0700nz, 14c-cc0735nd
HP ENVY 13-ba0080tu, 13-ba1014na, 13-ba1019ns, 13-ba1097nr, 14-eb0025no, 14-eb0027no
HP ENVY x360 13-ay0006ca, 13-ay0024no, 13-ay0136ng, 13-ay0178ng, 13-ay0360ng, 13-ay0505sa, 13-bd0150nd, 13-bd0350nd, 13-bd0366nz, 13-bd0500nz, 13-bd0508nd, 13-bd0700nz, 13-bd0904nz
HP Pavilion 13-an1049tu, 13-bb0004no, 13-bb0006nl, 14-ce3010nf, 14-dv0007na, 14-dv0008nl, 14-dv0012no, 14-dv0013nl, 14-dv0014ns, 14-dv0033no, 14-dv0300ng, 14-dv0521nd, 14-dv0600ng, 14-ec0033ng, 14-ec0054ng, 14-ec0076ng, 14-ec0300nd, 14-ec0305nd, 14-ec0450nd, 14-ec0455nd
HP Pavilion x360 14-dh1069tx, 14-dw0007nf, 14-dw0158ng, 14-dw1003nf, 14-dw1006nf, 14-dw1011na, 14-dw1013nl, 14-dw1019ns, 14-dw1020ns, 14-dw1210ng, 14-dw1657ng
HP Spectre x360 13-aw0003ns, 13-aw0501na, 13-aw2003nu, 13-aw2004nu, 14-ea0039no, 14-ea0902nz, 14-ea0912nz, 14-ea0922nz
HP Stream 11-ak0019na, 11-ak0021na, 11-ak0261ng, 11-ak0262ng, 11-ak0720ng

Производител HP
Предназначение Лаптопи
Цвят Сив
За продукти с размер 14" (35.56 cm)
Тегло 0.54 кг.
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