HP PAV Gaming 17 Backpack 500

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HP PAV Gaming 17 Backpack 500

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HP PAV Gaming 17 Backpack 500

Описание :

HP Pavilion Gaming 500 - Notebook carrying backpack - 17.3" - for HP 14, 15, 17; Chromebook x360; ENVY 15; Pavilion Gaming 15; Pavilion x360; Spectre x360

Гаранция на производител :

12 Months Warranty


Product Type:

Notebook carrying backpack


34.5 cm


17 cm


48 cm


810 g

Notebook Compatibility:


Additional Compartments:

Mobile phone, keys, wallet, notebook accessories, tablet


Adjustable straps, water resistant, reflective strips, air mesh padded back, trolley pass-thru, built-in cable

Carrying Strap:

Shoulder carrying straps, top carry handle, front carry handle

Closure Type:

Zipper, external zip pocket

 Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support:

Limited warranty - 1 year

 Compatibility Information

Designed For:

OMEN by HP 15-ek1013no, 15-ek1014no, 15-ek1060ng, 15-ek1064ng, 15-ek1069ng, 15-ek1079ng, 15-ek1894nz, 15-en0003ns, 15-en1013no, 15-en1026no, 15-en1035no, 15-en1267ng, 15-en1268ng, 15-en1845no, 17-cb1177ng
HP 14-cf2009nf, 14s-dq0008no, 14s-dq0210nd, 14s-dq2033nf, 14s-dq2033no, 14s-fq0026no, 14s-fq0102nf, 14s-fq1006no, 14s-fq1007no, 14s-fq1008no, 14s-fq1077ng, 15-dw1015no, 15-dw3016no, 15s-du2094TU, 15s-eq2011ny, 15s-eq2012ny, 15s-eq2016no, 15s-eq2255nd, 15s-eq2904nz, 15s-fq0008no, 15s-fq2030nf, 15s-fq3104nz, 15s-fq3204nz, 17-by4023nf, 17-ca1046nf, 17-ca2029nf, 17-ca2040nf, 17-ca2061nf, 17-cn0002no, 17-cn0004no, 17-cn0007no, 17-cn0011ng, 17-cn0013no, 17-cn0022ng, 17-cn0077ng, 17-cn0204nz, 17-cn0504nz, 17-cp0000no, 17-cp0022no, 17-cp0033no, 17-cp0034no, 17-cp0036no
HP Chromebook 11a-na0502na, 14a-na0225ng
HP Chromebook x360 12b-ca0011nf, 14b-cb0500nz, 14c-ca0235ng, 14c-cc0001nd, 14c-cc0700nz, 14c-cc0735nd
HP ENVY 14-eb0025no, 14-eb0027no, 15-ep0374ng, 15-ep0385ng, 17-ch0076ng, 17-ch0904nz
HP ENVY x360 13-ay0505sa, 13-bd0904nz, 15-ed0000nc, 15-ed1155ng, 15-ee0153ng, 15-ee0157ng, 15-es0055ng, 15-es0057ng, 15-es0079ng
HP Pavilion 14-ce3010nf, 14-dv0008nl, 14-dv0012no, 14-ec0033ng, 14-ec0054ng, 14-ec0076ng, 15-eg0594nz, 15-eh0003nf, 15-eh0018nu, 15-eh0019nu, 15-eh0507na, 15-eh0515na, 15-eh1055ng, 15-eh1078ng
HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk1024nc, 15-dk1123ng, 15-dk1273ng, 15-dk1280ng, 15-dk1404nf, 15-dk2003no, 15-dk2004no, 15-dk2055ng, 15-dk2067no, 15-dk2070ng, 15-ec0003ca, 15-ec1103nf, 15-ec2004nu, 15-ec2007nu, 15-ec2008no, 15-ec2265ng, 15-ec2278ng, 15-ec2279ng, 16-a0033nw, 17-cd1020nc, 17-cd1117nf, 17-cd2055ng, 17-cd2075ng, 17-cd2077ng
HP Pavilion x360 14-dh1069tx, 14-dw0158ng, 14-dw1003nf, 14-dw1006nf, 14-dw1657ng, 14-dy0032ng, 14-dy0055ng, 14-dy0057ng, 14-dy0335ng, 14-dy0704nz, 14-dy0904nz, 15-er0604nz
HP Spectre x360 14-ea0039no, 15-eb1015no, 15-eb1775ng
HP Stream 11-ak0019na, 11-ak0021na, 11-ak0261ng

Производител HP
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За продукти с размери 17.3" (43.94 cm)
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Тегло 0.81 кг.
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