Do unpacked products enjoy the right to warranty?

Yes. Unpacked products enjoy the right to warranty according to the warranty certificate issued by BSI24. The warranty does not cover the same period as the packaged brand new product.

The defective product was purchased from BSI24. How to proceed?

In case you have purchased a product offered by BSI24, you will receive a warranty card together with the product you ordered. It contains all the details for its repair in due time.

The product broke down. How do I proceed to have it fixed?

Check if its warranty is valid. You must have received your warranty together with the product you ordered, then you must fill in the Product Repair Form to be picked up by a courier and delivered to our service center.

Can I personally bring the product for repair?

Products that require repair will only be shipped through our couriers.

Can I add a voucher to a sent order?

A voucher cannot be added after sending the order. To use it, you must submit a new order.

I am not satisfied with the product. How do I proceed to get it back?

Check that the product is eligible for return and then fill in the Product Return Form, but no later than 30 calendar days after receipt / receipt. The product must be returned in the same condition, packaging and type in which it was delivered.

I have not received an invoice. What can I do to be granted?

You automatically receive invoices in your email. If you do not keep the e-mail, log in to your account, in the "orders" field, and select the "invoices" menu from the menu. This will allow you to download your invoice.

How soon will I receive my money from the returned product?

The amount will be refunded to you within a maximum of 14 days after completing the Product Return Form. The money will be transferred to the bank account you specified in the form. If you paid by card, the value will be returned to the card you paid with.

How to check if the product can be returned within 30 days?

The product can be returned if it is in the same condition in which it was delivered (no scratches, damage, incomplete set of accessories, damaged packaging / box, electric shocks and is in its original packaging) and is not part of the exceptions listed here .