Welcome to the Bulgarian online shopping platform - Brand-Shopping Bulgaria! Immerse yourselves in to the next level of online shopping experience with our boutique multi-shop platform! Brand Shopping Bulgaria is offering a wide range of the most well-known international brands as well as local Bulgarian brands and products. Choose between the various Official Brand-Shops, local Multi-Brand Boutiques‘ and the numerous Premium Private Shops.

  • Set of various boutique shops, gathered in one place
  • Shop from local Bulgarian manufacturers and traders
  • Easy, clear and convenient navigation between all the shops
  • A single profile with many opportunities


We, Brand-Shopping Bulgaria, are highly focused of encouraging and promoting Bulgarian manufacturers, traders and companies. Our goal is supporting our local economy and employment, keeping the added value in our country and not abroad.

Brand-Shopping Bulgaria is a platform that offers high quality goods, provided by first-class suppliers and with proven origin. We offer various categories and subcategories, tailored to all the needs of the end user.